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Small Format UV Printing – Amaz...

Small Format UV Printing – Amazing Possibilities

We are very pleased to announce our latest piece of printing equipment; the Roland LEF-300, UV flatbed printer. This is the latest printer from Roland in it’s small format flatbed offering with an expanded print area of 13″ x 30″ with a maximum height of 4″. The LEF-300 uses LED light to cure the ink […]

Backlit Displays & LED Light Box...

Backlit Displays & LED Light Boxes

Backlit displays are a great way to make a sign really pop off the wall. The latest advances in LED technology allow for some very stylish looking light boxes that are functional, pleasing to the eye and feature low power consumption with even light distribution. Why Use a Light Box? Lightboxes allow your message to […]

Great Ideas for Tradeshow Give-Away I...

Great Ideas for Tradeshow Give-Away Items

Trade shows and other networking events are a great opportunity to get your brand name out in public and meet prospective new customers and contacts. However, every booth at the show has the same idea so how do you attract people to your booth and get people talking about your brand? A proven method is […]

Sublimation Printing – Endless ...

Sublimation Printing – Endless Possibilities

At Glacier Sign & Threads we are set up to print on a number of different products using a process called sublimation.  Sublimation allows for full colour printing at a reasonable cost and is ideal for projects with low quantities. What Can You Print Using Sublimation? Anything with a flat surface, is white or light […]

Design & Function Make You Stand...

Design & Function Make You Stand Out

Pictured below is an infographic that was put together by the good people at ASI. It shows the distribution of promotional products across the US (Canada will be similar). It brings up some interesting challenges. If 58% of people already own a logo t-shirt then how do you make your t-shirt stand out from the […]

Window Decals = New Customers

Window Decals = New Customers

If you’re looking to entice new customers to your business you should consider a brilliant window graphic placed in a key location. Window decals or decorative window films are an excellent way to help your business distinguish itself from the competition. Here are a few things to consider in installing window graphics: 1. Quick and […]

Power Banks for Tech Devices

Power Banks for Tech Devices

Most of us spend an awful lot of time on our smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. All of these devices require power but what happens when they run out of juice? You either have to find a plug and recharge the device, or, if you’re lucky, you have a power bank, an external […]

Promotional Bags – Top Marketin...

Promotional Bags – Top Marketing Impact

Looking to launch a successful marketing campaign? You should consider promotional bags. Impressions – Raise Your Brand Awareness Studies have shown that promotional bags lead to 5,732 marketing impressions each year. That means that the brand or message printed on the bag is seen 5,732 times. No other promotional product even comes close when it […]

Easy Install of Stickers and Decals

Easy Install of Stickers and Decals

Decals or stickers are a great way to advertise your business. You can put them on your car or truck, your office window or a wall. No matter where you put them, there are a few tips to follow to ensure a perfect application every time. #1: Start with a Clean Surface Wash the area […]

Stickers – Digital Printing or ...

Stickers – Digital Printing or Screen Printing?

There are a number of options to consider when ordering stickers; gloss or matte, clear or white, neon or metallic. Regardless of the options you choose the sticker will be either screen printed or digitally printed. These two types of printing techniques are the most common used in the printing industry today. At Glacier Sign […]