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Sublimation Printing – Endless Possibilities

At Glacier Sign & Threads we are set up to print on a number of different products using a process called sublimation.  Sublimation allows for full colour printing at a reasonable cost and is ideal for projects with low quantities.

What Can You Print Using Sublimation?Whistler Smiles_Mousepad
Anything with a flat surface, is white or light coloured and either has a polyester coating or is made of polyester fabric. You can also print on tubular items such as mugs and glasses. Here are a few of the most popular items that are printed with sublimation:

Coffee mugs | Water bottles | Coasters | Metals & Plaques | Name badges | Mouse pads | Ceramic tiles | 100% polyester shirts and more!

Why Print with Sublimation?
Here is a list of the advantages that come with sublimation printing

  • Sublimation is one of the very few methods you can print full coloured images onto hard surfaces.
  • Almost unlimited colors to choose from. Thousands of colours can be produced with sublimation and it doesn’t cost extra to add additional colours to your design.
  • Set-up fees are minimal so it can be the same cost to print one item or 1000 items. It’s ideal for low quantity orders, one-offs and promotional items for small businesses, schools, charities, sports teams, parties, reunions, and many more!
  • Digital printing allows for easy customization! Because there are no plates or screens it is ideal for customizing designs with changing elements such as names, numbers, etc.
  • Sublimation is quick and easy to produce, allowing for same day or same hour printing, as well as on demand printing that reduces risk and wastage.

Any Limitations?
With every printing method there may be disadvantages. Here are a couple…

  • Substrates need to be polyester coated or made of polyester fabric.
  • Substrates need to be white or light colored. You cannot print onto dark or black coloured items.

With all the advantages of sublimation, it’s obvious why sublimation has become a very popular method with digital decorators!

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