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Backlit Displays & LED Light Boxes

Backlit displays are a great way to make a sign really pop off the wall. The latest advances in LED technology allow for some very stylish looking light boxes that are functional, pleasing to the eye and feature low power consumption with even light distribution.

Why Use a Light Box?
Lightboxes allow your message to stand out versus all the other visual media in a busy space. For the consumer there’s quite a contrast between your backlit messages and those that are not. Not every message in the shop needs to be in a lightbox; it would be like always typing in capital letters and “shouting” everything instead of just the important messages. Use lightboxes to convey the important messages that you want your customers to come away with.

A lightbox that features a professionally-produced backlit photo or graphic can elevate your message to “near-lifelike.”  The pictures seem more realistic and the colours more vivid. There is a unique energy that a large, brightly-backlit photo delivers that can trigger an emotional response beyond the ability of non-backlit signage.


Where to Use a Light Box

The message on a lightbox displayed in these areas is best targeted to a passersby who is not aware of your business, your product, your unique value — or even if they are aware of all three of those — they’re not aware that you happen to be open for business at that location. Keep it simple and to the point.

These lightboxes are used to display photos highlighting product features in vivid colour.

Lightboxes in the POP zone are best utilized in an attempt to upgrade a sale or cross-sell complimentary items. The customer is already committed to a purchase and now is the chance to add even more value to the transaction.

Any part of the store that is not displaying product, for example the corridor to the washroom, is a great opportunity to promote a message with backlit signage. Use these areas to display promotions, value-adds and alternative products, departments or services that the customer may not be aware of.

At Glacier Sign & Threads we can work with you to develop the best strategy to achieve maximum results with your backlit signs and LED light boxes.

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