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Window Decals = New Customers

Super Sale WindowIf you’re looking to entice new customers to your business you should consider a brilliant window graphic placed in a key location. Window decals or decorative window films are an excellent way to help your business distinguish itself from the competition.

Here are a few things to consider in installing window graphics:
1. Quick and Economical Brand Recognition: A storefront window with well designed decals will grab the attention of customers passing by and build your brand awareness. With window decals, you can inform potential customers about your company’s name and the services you offer.
2. Short-Term Advertising of Sales: Having a sale or offering a special deal? Window graphics are a great way to grab the attention of a customer right at that moment and attract them to your business.
3. Enhanced Privacy: Sometimes we don’t want the public to be able to see everything inside our business. Through the use of perforated window films or frosted glass laminates we can promote your business, improve partial or complete privacy, and still allow natural light in.
4. Muni Sign Permits: When you want to put up a sign or banner the RMOW has strict rules, especially in the Village, that restrict their size, placement and material. Window graphics can offer a solution to muni signage restrictions, saving you time and money.
5. Just Part of Your Advertising Package: Window decals are just one area where you can build brand awareness. You should also consider decals on company cars and trucks or a sandwich board placed in a strategic location.

Window decals are part of a complete branding package. At Glacier Sign & Threads we can assist you in developing the other parts of that package as well including logo apparel and promotional products. Call us today.

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