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Promotional Bags – Top Marketing Impact

Jacksons BagLooking to launch a successful marketing campaign? You should consider promotional bags.

Impressions – Raise Your Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that promotional bags lead to 5,732 marketing impressions each year. That means that the brand or message printed on the bag is seen 5,732 times. No other promotional product even comes close when it comes to this type of exposure. In second place is caps and they are far behind with 3,153 marketing impressions each year. In this study t-shirts only rate 1,990 impressions. While t-shirts cost an average of $.005 per impression, bags cost only $.001 per impression making them a great value.

A Big Platform for Brand RecognitionCotton Bag 99052
The primary goal of most businesses that invest in promotional products is to build brand awareness. Promotional products can be used to reinforce a company’s logo, name, message and service or product they offer. While pens and caps can support brand recognition, their image field can be small unlike a bag that can effectively showcase a company’s brand and more. Bags are so successful at what they do that researchers claim that 82% of people can identify an advertiser on a promotional bag. That is a lot of impact for a low cost.

Some Stats on Promotional Bags
It is estimated that 29% of Canadians own a promotional bag. That would suggest that there is still room for more companies to use bags in their marketing campaigns.
20% of men own a promo bag while 37% of women do.
Promotional bags have a staying power of over 6 months. In comparison, t-shirts are only 5.7 months and writing instruments only have 5.1 months of staying power.

The studies show that promotional bags are a very cost-effective way to get your message seen and a valuable part of any successful marketing campaign. Give us a call at Glacier Sign & Threads to discuss how you can use bags to help grow your business.

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