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Power Banks for Tech Devices

10617 Most of us spend an awful lot of time on our smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. All of these devices require power but what happens when they run out of juice? You either have to find a plug and recharge the device, or, if you’re lucky, you have a power bank, an external battery pack that charges the device anywhere, anytime.

Make it Useful

The key to a successful promotional product is to give people something that is useful. If it’s useful it will get used and, if it gets used, your logo will stay at the forefront of the customers’ mind. Because of that, custom logo power banks are a winner. Everybody needs power.

Here is some basic info on power banks:
What does mAh mean and why does it matter?
mAh stands for milli-ampere hour. It’s a measurement of how much energy a battery can store. The higher the mAh, the longer the power bank will be able to charge a device.
So, for example, a phone with a 1500 mAh battery can be fully charged once by a 1500 mAh power bank. A 5600 mAh battery gives 2-3.5 full charges to a phone and will charge an iPad about 40%.
Will they work on multiple devices?CU1528_Silver_Large
Yes. They’ll work with iPhones or Androids or any tech device that can be charged by a USB (ex. tablets, GPS systems, GoPros, and portable speakers).
How long is the charging time for a power bank?
Most power banks will charge devices at the same rate as a wall charger. That means instead of being tied to a wall outlet you can resume your day while the phone charges.
Are power banks a good marketing tool?
Definitely! Custom-printed power banks with your company logo are perfect for giving out at tech events, conferences, tradeshows, and more. Give your customers something they will use on a regular basis and be remembered positively every time they see your logo.
What are the options?
There are many different sizes, colours, and charging options to choose from. Let the staff at Glacier Sign & Threads help you sort through the choices and come up with the power bank that meets your budget and exceeds your goals of successfully promoting your business.

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