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Stickers – Digital Printing or Screen Printing?

Sabre Decal_1There are a number of options to consider when ordering stickers; gloss or matte, clear or white, neon or metallic. Regardless of the options you choose the sticker will be either screen printed or digitally printed. These two types of printing techniques are the most common used in the printing industry today.
At Glacier Sign & Threads we print our stickers using digital printers. We save our screen printing machinery for t-shirts.
Digitally printed stickers can actually save you money versus screen printing, even though the machinery involved is more high tech. Before digital printing technology was invented, screen printed, or ‘silk screened’ stickers were the status quo. While there are many benefits to screen printed stickers, there are many things that cannot be achieved with this type of printing, but can easily be done with a digital process.
With digitally printed custom stickers we can offer a number of options:
No minimum quantities
o Because screen printers have to create an actual ‘screen’ of your artwork, their minimum quantities are often in the hundreds, even thousands.
Full Color PrintingBridge_Star
o Full color printing for one low price. We never charge extra for colors, no matter how many you want printed. Screen printing typically has a color limit, and usually charges extra for each color you want to add to your design.
Photographic Quality
o Because of our full color capabilities described above, you are able to print anything you want on stickers, including photographs!
Any Size, Any Shape!
o At Glacier Sign & Threads we use Roland printers with print/cut technology. We can print and cut virtually any size and any shape sticker you can dream up. We don’t charge extra for die cut stickers either. You pay the same low price no matter what shape you want your stickers to be!
Environmentally Friendly
o Our Roland printers use Eco Solvent inks, which do not put harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) back into our atmosphere. This keeps our team free from exposure to hazardous chemicals, and offers you a greener option for your sticker needs.
The customization and versatility of digitally printed stickers is why we only print using this amazing process. It allows us to get your stickers, labels or decals to you quickly, with the best possible quality and for the lowest price.

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